Aletia Upstairs is a cabaretist and a singer-songwriter in the jazz and chanson tradition with a background in theatre and World Music. She uses multiple languages, intercultural performing arts, original music, poetry, stand-up comedy, puppetry, multi-media, verbatim, historical and fairytale references in her work. She has entertained audiences in Italy, Germany, Portugal, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Qatar, South Africa, Scotland, the USA and India. Her current work is a production called Mata Hari, a verbatim piece about the life of the exotic dancer and convicted spy.



She sings in many languages, including Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Arabic, Zulu, Xhosa, Swahili, Sepedi and Afrikaans.

From her album Possibility, which she wrote, composed, recorded, produced and launched in 2006, ‘Too Sober’ has been described as “a cautionary Vegas lounge haunt” and ‘African Girl’, “a noir-jazz hit.” ‘Fall So Far’ and ‘Just Not Good Enough’, both her unique blend of heartfelt jazz, folk and world music were released as Urban Gypsy Singles. Her music receives airplay on Fine Music Radio SA and Jazz FM UK. The video to ‘Fall So Far’ was released in 2012 and her latest single ‘Catch Me When I Fall’ is the title track to the EP of the same name, released in 2013.

In the UK she has performed as singer-songwriter, cabaretist and jazz singer at The Edinburgh Fringe, Tristan Bates Theatre, St James Studio, Platform Theatre, The Pheasantry, Leicester Square Theatre, Jermyn Street Theatre, Ronnie Scott’s, Hackney Attic, The Pigalle Club, The Hot August Fringe at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, The Battersea Barge, The Bowery, Downstairs at Sergio’s, Black’s Members’ Club, The Wilmington Arms, The Edge, Vinopolis, Ryan’s Bar, The Star of Kings, The Bedford Pub, PJ’s and Arts Cellar Club.

She has recently started a PhD in Performing Arts.


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