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Aletia Upstairs is a performing artist, cabaretist, singer-songwriter and vintage songstress doing a PhD in Performing Arts.

Her practice involves (auto)biographical, verbatim, one-to-one and participatory, durational performance as well as performing archives. For her Practice as Research PhD she imaginatively reworks the Richard Demarco archive (focusing on the work of Tadeusz Kantor, Joseph Beuys, Paul Neagu, Bobby Baker, Marina Abramović and Rose Finn-Kelcey) as she investigate subjective archives and examines individual memories and mementos in innovative performance pieces that are intercultural and interlingual with traces of original music, poetry and puppetry.

In 2016 her work ‘Emballage’ was awarded the Kantor Demarco Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at Summerhall and she was a Jazz Idol as well as a Pride’s Got Cabaret Talent finalist.

Her music receives regular airplay and can be found on iTunes and Soundcloud. The video to ‘Fall So Far’ was released in 2012 and the single ‘Catch Me When I Fall’ is the title track to the EP of the same name, released in 2013.