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Referring to Tadeusz Kantor’s concept of wrapping, Emballage is the result of a polyphonic collaboration between the Richard Demarco archive, the researcher and the performers. Inspired by the ideologies and innovative methodologies in the Richard Demarco archive, Emballage invites the public to engage with the performance-installation by sharing memories from their subjective archives resulting in the shared experience as the material art object of the performance.

Emballage was awarded the Demarco Kantor Award at Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016.

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‘At long last the highlights in the history of the Edinburgh Festival are being celebrated and remembered with deep insight and respect in this remarkable manifestation of the spirit of the true avant-garde.’ – Richard Demarco 

‘The most truly immersive theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe because the audience are onstage with the performers.’ – Robert McDowell (owner of Summerhall)


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